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Humane Education

Veronica Dean
Veronica Dean

The SPCA Cincinnati offers humane education for children in the Greater Cincinnati Area, visiting schools, scout troops, and other groups. We believe that respect for all life starts with teaching children to respect animals which includes learning about safety and responsible pet care.

Your children will:

  • Learn how to humanely treat animals 
  • Learn how to properly approach/greet/handle dogs and cats
  • Learn about the various types of animals that live within our communities
  • Learn the environments in which different animals live
  • Learn math skills through animal supply costs, vet costs, etc.
  • Learn proper pet care
  • Learn of the benefits of spaying and neutering your pets
  • Learn about animal aggression, warning signs, and ways to avoid
  • Learn about pet playtime
  • Learn about animals in person through live animal interactions with shelter cats, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs
  • Learn through various animal-related games, songs, stories, and activities
  • Learn about the different careers that exist in animal welfare

In 2023, the SPCA Cincinnati celebrates 150 years as a humane society and one of our goals for our 150th Anniversary is to visit 150 schools! In February of 2023, the SPCA Cincinnati was proud to launch the Humane Education partnership with Families Forward Cincinnati. We also have the SPCA Cincinnati HEART Program in Partnership with Pet Partners.

We are pleased to have Veronica Dean as our Humane Education Manager. Click here to view her credentials

Click to view PDFs of the Ohio State Education Standards for each grade level:

Educational Standards K-2

Educational Standards 3-5

Educational Standards 6-8

Educational Standards 9-12

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