150th Anniversary

SPCA Cincinnati 150th Anniversary Logo

The SPCA Cincinnati Celebrates 150 Years of Caring

Honoring Our Past and Shaping Our Future, Together 

For a century and a half — through the support of friends like you — your nearest SPCA has served as a leader in the humane treatment of animals. 

In 1873, a small group of people in Cincinnati came together out of a shared concern for cruelty against animals. They were founded as the Ohio Humane Society, the first organization of its kind in Ohio. In 1907, it became The Hamilton County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and today, you know as us the SPCA Cincinnati … your Cincinnati animal shelter. 

This year, we celebrate our rich history and bright future. We positively impact the lives of thousands of homeless pets each year. Through humane rescue, pet adoptions, foster homes, and animal-centered outreach programs, we help grant pets the best possible lives. 

But we can only do this work through the generosity of friends like you. That’s why you’re invited to join a very special group. Join the Bradsteet Giving Program to become part of a legacy of compassion and advocacy.

The Bradstreet Giving Program – A Select Group of Donors Supporting the SPCA Cincinnati

One of our founders, E.P. Bradstreet, was an attorney who served on the Board of Trustees of the SPCA Cincinnati for over 40 years, and helped shape Ohio laws against animal cruelty. Generous with his time, talent, and financial resources, Bradstreet represented the spirit of Cincinnati, which is now home to one of America’s leading humane societies. That spirit of compassion is carried through today in our Bradstreet Giving Program.

This program is made up of a select group of donors supporting the SPCA Cincinnati. You’re invited to join today to celebrate 150 years of service to Greater Cincinnati, and to make a difference for all animals in our community!


SPCA 150th Anniversary Giving Circle

We’re also seeking 15 passionate people to form our 150th Anniversary Giving Circle and make a lasting impact in the animal welfare community. After committing $5,000 each, participants will allocate their collective contribution to help fund some of the organization’s biggest upcoming needs. Click here to view our official brochure.

Please join us now to shape the next 150 years of humane treatment for all animals. Together, we will educate the public, eliminate pet overpopulation, strengthen the human-animal bond, and so much more. We can be proud to make Cincinnati a more humane place to live — where the way we treat animals is a reflection of the way we treat each other. Join the celebration today.